Country Perspective’s Writers

Josh Schott, Founder & Editor of Country Perspective

Josh is the fearless founder and owner of this little blog. The inspiration for creating Country Perspective came from his absolute distaste with mainstream country music and wanting to help fight the fight for better country music. He grew up on 90s country music and while he enjoyed a fair number of songs from this decade, he realizes why it was chastised too. He’s also quite familiar with the “golden age” of country music that preceded the 90s. But mainly he likes to talk about the great country music happening right now. He has a degree in broadcast journalism, so he’s familiar with journalism standards and practices. He’s done his fair share of writing over the years across various subjects. When he’s not criticizing Sam Hunt¬†or praising a good country song, he loves to watch sports (college football is his favorite sport), play video games and bicycling. Follow him on Twitter @realcountryview.


Derek Hudgin, Writer

Derek is a young professional in the media world who loves to listen to great, honest music. Country music’s history of honesty is what originally drew him into the genre to begin with. The wave of pop-country, hick-hop, and electronic beats into the mainstream markets is disappointing, but it has opened his eyes (and ears) to lesser known acts whose talent and respect for honest music drive their motivation. Besides great country music, he enjoys watching the Green Bay Packers, cooking, and hiking with his dog. Follow him on Twitter @DHWritesCountry.