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Our email address is Please send all review requests and other similar items, along with business opportunities to our email. We do not take EP requests, only full albums and singles requests. Remember: We only take pitches country music, Americana, folk and roots music. We do not take pitches for anything else, so do not try to pitch me on anything else, including hick hop. Another guideline when pitching: If you or your artist have no web presence or fan base, do not pitch me. This is a minimum every serious artist should be able to accomplish. I try to read everything that comes in and if I don’t respond immediately I’m probably busy. If I think your pitch is half-assed, unprofessional or not worth my time, don’t expect a response. Keep in mind your artist or group are one of thousands across the world (not just the United States) trying to get noticed and featured on sites like these. We review many albums and songs on the site, so please be patient. We will let you know if we feel the material is not appropriate for the site. Do not pester me via emails or social media about features or reviews being put on the site. This will ensure you’re not featured, so do not do it.

One last thing: We’ve reached a point where we’ve grown so big that we get tons of pitches each day. Therefore we are being much pickier on what gets featured and reviewed on the site. So while you may fit the sound we’re looking for, you still may not be the right fit. It’s even tougher to be accepted during the fall season, as we tend to avoid posting on weekends, as football is the king in terms of getting people’s attentions. So I find it pointless to post during the weekends at this time of the year.

While the above guidelines can come off as intimidating, it’s to ensure that you don’t waste your time on a pitch and I don’t have to waste my time on a pitch. It’s important to read this before pitching to us and I can always tell who has and hasn’t read this page. This is for your benefit and mine. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to reach out to Country Perspective and will always take your pitch seriously as long as you take it seriously.

Live Coverage Requests

Got a festival or concert you want covered? Feel free to reach out! If it is near one of our writers or if you’re willing to help us get there, we are definitely willing to talk.

Interview Policy 


Follow me on Twitter: @realcountryview. Do not send requests and business inquiries to me via social media! I will not respond.

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Thanks for reading our contact guidelines!