Audio – Cody Jinks Covers Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”

Popular traditional country artist Cody Jinks has certainly been capturing many fans’ attention over the last couple years with his brand of country music. His 2016 album I’m Not The Devil received high praise from many fans and critics, while also outselling many major label artists. It placed #16 on our Top 30 Country & Americana Albums of 2016 list. Well Jinks is now back with some more new music, but it doesn’t appear to be a lead single for another new album (although this isn’t confirmed). This seems to be a standalone, as Jinks has covered the Pink Floyd classic “Wish You Were Here.” It fits Jinks well and does an admirable job covering a popular rock song like this one. Give it a listen and chime in below in the comments with your thoughts.

(Also that single cover art is brilliant. Kudos to the artist!)


6 thoughts on “Audio – Cody Jinks Covers Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”

  1. He also posted a teaser video of his background singers throwing some lines out from Megadeth’s Train of Consequences. So I’m thinking there’s either gonna be another stand alone release or a cover album/EP. Either way, can’t wait to see what he comes up with. Been a fan of his since 2012 so I love to see all this well deserved attention he’s getting.

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  2. It seems like another promoted single from his current album would have been more “run the course,” but Cody aint that type. I have no problem with rock covers done by country artists, especially ones done as well as this one. Any other cool rock covers heard by anyone lately? I know just a few weeks ago, i heard Gretchen Wilson cover Bad Company. I dont really care for Gretchen, but Bad Company rocks. It wasnt half bad, pretty good.


  3. Not bad Mr. Jinks, not bad!

    Billboard Country Update (01/23):
    #1 (Airplay) – Blake Shelton / #1 (Album) – Chris Stapleton


  4. The steel guitar makes it. My main takeaway, though, is that artists seem to be pushing out new music a little faster. The business model is moving away from “music sales” as such, with all the streaming and so forth, so if radio’s not going to play you anyway, go ahead and get your music out to your fans to have something else to use on tour.


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